Corporate Law Legal experts
Limited Liability Companies Act Brix, Mayer, Hempel-Hoheneck, Slamanig, Thierrichter, Hirsch
Stock Corporation Act Brix, Mayer, Slamanig, Thierrichter, Hirsch
Shareholders‘ meetings of listed stock corporation Brix, Mayer
Mergers, conversions, contributions in-kind, split-offs Brix, Mayer, Slamanig, Thierrichter, Hirsch
Cross-border mergers Brix, Mayer, Slamanig, Thierrichter, Hirsch
Real estate law  
Purchase agreements Mayer, Hempel-Hoheneck
Donation agreements Mayer, Hempel-Hoheneck
Trusteeships for business parks and office towers Bieber, Mayer
Condominium ownership Mayer
Division plans Mayer
Trusts and foundation law  
Trusts and foundation law Brix, Mayer, Slamanig, Thierrichter, Hirsch
Inheritance law  
Last wills Mayer, Hempel-Hoheneck, Hirsch
Estates Mayer, Hempel-Hoheneck, Hirsch
Representatives of heirs Mayer, Hempel-Hoheneck, Hirsch
Anticipated succession models Mayer, Hempel-Hoheneck, Hirsch
Powers of attorney in case of legal incapacity, right of representation of close relatives, patient decrees Mayer, Hempel-Hoheneck, Hirsch
English advice and certifications Thierrichter
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